10 things to keep in mind when selling your home

10 things to keep in mind when selling your home

  • Posted by Karen Ball
  • On July 5, 2016
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1. Clean
The house should be clean…actually spotless.


2. Odors
When your house is on the market be careful what you cook before a showing because nothing is more unpleasant than lingering cooking odors. Best way to tell if the house smells like food is to step outside for a few minutes, and come back in. If it still smells like the food you just prepared, then open the windows and air the space out and look for odor removal techniques. If smells are overwhelming; buyers will have a reaction. Avoid using food scented candles or sprays. Look for Clean Cotton, Fresh Linen – you can buy them at your local store or amazon.

And for the love of God…DO NOT smoke in the house. Just step outside.


3. Pets
No one loves animals more than myself. That said, when you are selling a home, your pets should be invisible. Asthma and allergy foundation of America states that 3 in 10 people have allergic reactions to pets, so get rid of the cat jungle gym, cat litter, and all the dog toys as for some aspiring homeowners pets can be a major turn off.


4. Bedding
Marketing your home is the best way to sell it. You want the new homers to envision themselves in your house. A well made bed can have a large impact- so do yourself a favor and splurge on a new set of white sheets; these can range from $30-$120. Just look around in places like TJMaxx, Bloomingdales, or Bed Bath and beyond. Treat yourself to a new set of white sheets and replace your pillows, look for a throw or a quilt and add texture to the bed. If you think you do not have the time or the decoration skills to do it, just copy the bed in one of advertising.


5. Towels
A fellow stagier once told me that they shouldn’t even make colored towels- just white. White fluffy towels are like heaven. Again, any of the brands mentioned above sell them, if not Homegoods has them and they are not expensive. Roll some hand towels on your sink, fold and stack towels in a basket, make your bath as pretty as you can.


6. Light
Most of us love light, so let the light in. Remove most curtains, especially if they are not needed for privacy. All blinds should be open and take a step further and clean all the windows. Again, this is just another step, but it’s a step that guarantees your house will sell. First thing a buyer will say is…what a bright house…..Bingo


7. Carpets
If you have carpets, its a great idea to have them cleaned. Most companies say that vacuuming carpets should be done twice a week and get them professionally cleaned at least once a year. There are several companies around this area that do a great job. If the stains don’t come out, then just remove them.


8. Declutter
Old newspapers, old magazines, old clothes, everything that you have not touched in a few months just put it away or throw it out. Think it will save you time when you are ready to start packing. As a rule of thumb, book shelves should be half filled and kitchen counters should be all cleared.


9. Fake or dried flowers
These just collect dust, so its better to not have them in your house while planning on selling it. Opt instead for seasonal flowers.


10. Paint
Paint will give you the biggest bang for your buck. If you haven’t painted in a while or have bold colors up, its time to paint. Most will think this is too expensive, but again, if you’re looking to sell your home fast, then this will guarantee you do so. If you need some help finding inspiration, then get a home décor magazine such as Architectural Digest, or Elle Decor and find trends – select one of those colors.


Picture from Architectural Digest – AD’s Kitchen Renovation Guide



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